The AZGS Geoscience Library holdings include more than 15,000 volumes of texts, field guides, reports, and geologic maps describing the geology, hydrology, and geophysics of Arizona. We host callow collections of geoscience literature for California, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Mexico. The library is open to the public Monday through Friday from 8:00AM—5:00PM.

We rely on donated materials to grow our library holdings. Since December 2008, we've received several collections of donated works, that include: more than 80 Ph.D. dissertations and M.S. theses—most are based in Arizona; 25+ published and unpublished geologic maps and field guides for parts of Nevada, California and Arizona; AAPG Atlas' of Oil & Gas Fields (11 volumes), unpublished measured sections for the Verde Valley and Black Mesa areas; scores of publications—some hard to find—for the Colorado River Delta and environs; over 3,000 aerial photograph stereo pairs of southern Arizona; and numerous journal issues.

We thank the following individuals for their donations:

Dale Nations
(Northern Arizona University—Retired)
Walt Heinrichs
Gordon Haxel
(USGS Retired)
Larry Beal
Lee Allison
(State Geologist, Director, Arizona Geological Survey)

To donate geoscience literature, maps, or rock/mineral collections, please call Mike Conway (AZGS Geologic Extension Service: 520.770.3500).


The AZGS Geoscience Library is looking for a helping hand, or two. With the State revenue shortfall rippling through budgets and disrupting services of State agencies, AZGS is no exception. With the recent loss of our Geoscience Library intern, Aric Villereal—he landed a permanent research librarian position with NOAA in Boulder, Colorado—we are strapped for help in cataloging new material and maintaining library services.

Meanwhile, we're moving forward compiling an Arizona Mines catalog for the Arizona Memory Project, from the mining archive of the Arizona Geological Survey. We are leafing through thousands of old mine files looking for historic photographs, mine reports, geologic maps, mine working maps, geochemical assays, and mine correspondence from 1900s to the 1960s—the latter is a goldmine of short notes and assessment on mine properties—for the best representative samples of our mines archive.

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