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In fall 2009, AZGS was selected to negotiate an award with the Department of Energy (DOE) totaling $17.8 million. AZGS, on behalf of the Association of American State Geologists,  is leading a coalition of State geological surveys, universities and business partners to populate, expand and enhance the National Geothermal Data System (NGDS) by creating a national, sustainable, distributed, interoperable network of data providers that will develop, collect, serve, and maintain geothermal-relevant data.

We’ve completed all of the required grant materials and made our final submission on March 26th.  DOE concluded their technical review of the project and is now engaged in financial review.  We hope to conclude the award process by late April.  In the meantime, we are working with our state partners to finalize their budgets and financial submissions.  Forty-six states have committed to the project..  We’re actively seeking partners in the four remaining states and Puerto Rico.  Our AZGS team is working on detailed project plans and processes to ensure we work efficiently to meet the project goals and support our partners while doing so.

Author Catherine Martinez-Wells  


Catherine Martinez-Wells
Program Manager

Arizona Geological Survey
Tucson, AZ

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