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contributed maps (cm)  

Arca, M.S and Johnson, R.A., 2010, Compilation Geologic Map from the Baboquivari Mountains to the Transition Zone of the Colorado Plateau, CM-10-A  (2 map sheets, scale 1:250,000). 

contributed reports (CR)

Brod, Jr., L.G., 2010, Geology of Selected Areas, Sawmill Canyon Fault Zone, Northeast Santa Cruz County, Arizona, 65 p., CR-10-A

Lindberg, P.A., 2010, Geohazards of Devils Kitchen Sinkhole, Sedona, Arizona, 19 p., CR-10-B

Morgan, P., Sass, J and Duffield, W.,  2010,  Geothermal Resources Evaluation Program of the Eastern San Francisco Volcanic Field, Arizona, 69 p., 2 plates     CR-10-D


Arizona Geological Survey, 2009, Earth Fissure Map of Maricopa County, Arizona, 1 sheet, 1:250,000 scale DM-EF-17

open-file reports (OFR)

Richard S. and W. Grunberg (eds.), 2010,  Use of ISO19139 xml schema to Describe Geoscience Information Resources v1.1, 134 p.  OFR-10-02



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