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Article category: Minerals and Mining

The decade-long rise in the price of gold from less than $400 per troy ounce to over $1,600 has resulted in the renewal of gold mining and increased exploration activity in Arizona. Lode properties are receiving the most significant activity due to their large number of contained ounces of gold. A few, small placer properties are also being sampled or operated on a limited scale.

Article category: Minerals and Mining

The value of Arizona's non-fuel mineral production totaled $6.7 billion in 2010 according to preliminary USGS figures. This was 10.5% of the United States' total, making Arizona the number two producer in the nation. Principal commodities mined were copper, molybdenum, sand and gravel, cement and crushed stone. In addition, Arizona coal production added another $273 million bringing the total mined value to nearly $7 billion.

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