AZGS New online publication model
Arizona Geological Survey (AZGS) is adopting a new online publication model to provide round-the-clock access to newly released geologic maps and reports. This online distribution model will include all of our serials, with the greatest immediate impact on our active series’ – Contributed Maps, Contributed Reports, Digital Information, Digital Geologic Maps, Digital Maps, and Open-file Reports.  

As time permits, we’ll begin the laborious task of scanning older materials from all of our serials and making them available, too.   Downloadable files ( are in PDF format (unless otherwise indicated): in cases of voluminous PDFs – 30 to 120 Mb – we’ll provide a JPG preview (

We’ll continue to print affordable geologic maps and reports as part of our Print-On-Demand program.

Releasing GIS Data for New Geologic Maps.    For our newer digital geologic maps, we’ll also be releasing GIS data for the geoscience-GIS professional.  This GIS data costs $25 per publication and includes geodatabase, shapefiles, browse graphics, metadata, technical report if available, and an overview file.

To order Print-On-Demand geologic maps or GIS data, please contact our bookstore manager, Marie Madero, at 520.770.3500, fax 520.770.3505, e-mail  We accept cash, major credit cards and checks.

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