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The Daily Reviewer list of the top 100 geology blogs Top 100 geology Blogs includes Lee Allison’s Arizona Geology Blog.  Invesp Consulting, a firm specializing in E-commerce, ranks the Arizona Geology blog at #21. In ranking webpages Invesp uses: unique number of visitors, pages posted – AG is #1, number of pages indexed by Google, number of incoming links, links to pages ratio, number of pages per visit, total Delicious bookmarks, and ranking by other e-commerce sites.

As you might suspect, Dr. Allison focuses on geology and related topics  -- mining, copper, uranium, landslides, geohazards, and more – but he also blogs on prominent science accomplishments of Arizona’s three public universities. 

Here is a representative sampling of Arizona Geology topics from August and July 2009.

  • Colorado’s Uranium Legacy
  • Mammoth find new home
  • Reclamation tests at Rosemont Copper
  • 1st Anniversary of Havasu Canyon Flood
  • Happy Birthday National Park Service
  • Webpage for Gulf of California Quake
  • We don’t need no stinkin’ universities!
  • HiRise View of Victoria Crater
  • Challenges in closing abandoned mines in National Parks
  • USGS Presentation on Tuba City Dump
  • Bidding up Asarco
  • First modern potash holes completed
  • Dune Ribbons on Mars
  • Arizona Utilities CO2 Storage Pilot now drilling

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