AZGS Takes Lead in $15.8 Million Dollar Geothermal Proposal to DOE

At the 2009 meeting of the American Association of American State Geologists, the directors of 40 the nation’s State Geological Surveys banded together to draft a multi-million dollar grant to the Department of Energy’s (DOE) to identify, digitize, and catalog geothermal and other related data held by the State Surveys.


The Arizona Geological Survey coordinated efforts among the 40 participating state geological surveys to prepare and submit a $15.8 million proposal to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to expand and enhance the National Geothermal Data System (NGDS). A national network of state geological surveys working through AASG would develop, collect, serve, and maintain geothermal-relevant data as an integral component of the NGDS. The three-year project will focus on digitizing at-risk legacy data (paper records, samples, etc.), publishing existing digital data, and collecting new data in critical areas. AZGS submitted this comprehensive proposal on July 22, 2009, in response to DOE’s funding opportunity announcement under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (DE-FOA-0000109).

The types and amounts of data to be entered by state geological surveys into the National Geothermal Database include:

• 2 million wells (oil & gas and water)
• 140,000 well logs
• 6000 geothermal wells
• Temperature, gradient, or heat flow data from over 700,000 wells, drawn from examining 3.5 million wells
• Over 6 Terabytes of digital data
• 3500 scanned publications on geothermal-relevant topics
• 6500 hot springs or geochemical sites
• Documentation for millions of feet of cores and cuttings
• 3500 direct-use sites
• 125,000 sample logs

The final proposal package submitted included 500 pages of budget information, 125 pages of resumes for 80 key personnel and 55 letters from participating and supporting organizations, including the USGS, Microsoft, and NGDS, resulting in a total proposal package of 48 Mb.

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