AZGS uploads 30-years of geothermal reports and maps online
Arizona is home to at least 60 hot springs, a surface manifestation of shallow geothermal resources (source: National Geophysical Data Center). 

Since the 1970s, AZGS has evaluated and characterized numerous potential geothermal hot spots throughout central and southern Arizona. That effort yielded several dozen reports, well-hole data, and maps assessing the potential for geothermal energy. Derivative products include geothermal development plans for most of Arizona's counties.

PDF copies of more than 55 published Open-File Reports and Contributed Reports are now available online at our geothermal page. Our most recent publication involves a rigorous evaluation of the potential of the Clifton Hot Springs area in Greenlee County (Brown, 2007).

Brown, D.E., 2007, Clifton Hot Springs, Arizona: GRED III Final Report.  Arizona Geological Survey Contributed Report 07-A.

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