spencer titley honored with first-ever azgs honorary map


Tuesday, 7 November, AZGS joined with the University of Arizona’s Geoscience Department to honor Dr. Spencer Titley for his 55 years of contributions to Arizona geology.

During Dr. Titley’s celebratory dinner, AZGS representative, Jon Spencer, presented him with the Spencer R. Titley Honorary Map.  For this honor, we selected the Twin Buttes, Arizona geologic quadrangle because of Spencer's pioneering work on the origin and nature of copper porphyry deposits, using the Twin Buttes and Mission-Pima mines shown on the map.

The dedication on the map reads:

“This map is dedicated to Spencer R. Titley for his 55 years of extraordinary contributions to understanding mineral deposits in Arizona and the Southwest, and for his supervision of well over 100 graduate students who have contributed greatly to that effort.”

We join our colleagues at UA and elsewhere throughout Arizona in congratulating Spencer Titley on a marvelous and productive career.

Ref: Richard, S.M., Spencer, J.E., Youberg, Ann, and Johnson, B.J., 2003. Geologic Map of the Twin Buttes 7-1/2” Quadrangle, Pima County, Arizona: Arizona Geological Survey Digital Geologic Map 31, version 1.1, 1 sheet, scale 1:24,000

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