Forty Years of Fieldnotes & Arizona Geology -- 1971-2010
Forty years, two institutional name changes, and one newsletter name change later -- from Fieldnotes to Arizona Geology in fall-1988 -- the newsletter envisioned by J.D. Forrester is still going strong. And now, the entire archive, more than 150 issues published since 1971, is available online at Read More

Erica Bigio receives awards at GSA Annual Meeting
Congratulations to Erica Bigio, part-time scientist at AZGS and full-time graduate student at the University of Arizona. Erica received two awards at the Geological Society of America annual meeting in Denver this past November. The Quaternary Geology & Geomorphology Division gave her the Robert K. Fahnestock Memorial Award as well as Honorable Mention in the Marie Morisawa Research Award category. Read More

AZGS On the Road Fall 2010: Conferences, Exhibits and Presentations
From Paris, France, to Sacramento, California, AZGS geoscientists were on the road this fall participating in conferences, exhibiting State Geothermal Data, and delivering presentations. The following, arranged in chronologic order - from recent to oldest - is a partial list of AZGS activities over the past few months. Read More
In Search of External Funds
We continue to aggressively pursue external funds to bolster shrinking state-allocated funds and to support geologic and geohazard research in Arizona. Over the past several years, we successfully petitioned the National Science Foundation, US Geological Survey – StateMap is a perennially funded program – and the US Department of Energy for funds. Read More

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