AZGS On the Road Fall 2010: Conferences, Exhibits and Presentations

From Paris, France, to Sacramento, California, AZGS geoscientists were on the road this fall participating in conferences, exhibiting State Geothermal Data and delivering presentations. The following, arranged in chronologic order - from recent to oldest - is a partial list of AZGS activities over the past few months.

AGU – American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting

13-17 December, San Francisco, CA


Application of the U.S. Geoscience Information Network to deploying a National Geothermal Data System, M. L. Allison, S. M. Richard, R. J. Clark and W. Grunberg

New Initiatives in the Development of a National Geoinformatics Community, coauthor M. L. Allison

SME – Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration – Tucson Section

6 December, Tucson, AZ


Breccia-Pipe uranium mineralization in the Grand Canyon region, and some environmental aspects of mining, Jon Spencer and Karen Wenrich (Crystals Unlimited)

Potash in the Holbrook Basin, Arizona: Potential Mining Bonanza, Michael Conway

Arizona Geographic Information Council Annual Meeting

19 November, Glendale, AZ


AZGS spotlighted distributed map services from federal and state agencies.

Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission

15–17 November, Tucson, AZ


AZGS's Lee Allison (Director) and Steve Rauzi (AZ Oil and Gas Conservation Commission administrator) in attendance.


Global Data Integration in the Geosciences, M. Lee Allison

SME – Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration

10 November, Tucson, AZ


Dr. Lee Allison presenting: A Digital Revolution in Resource Exploration

Geological Society of America Annual Meeting

31 October – 3 November, Denver, CO


AZGS joined AASG in exhibit booth spotlighting State Geothermal Data.


Surficial geology and geologic hazards of organ pipe cactus national monument, southern Arizona, P. Pearthree, J. Young and A. Youberg

State geological survey deployment of the national geothermal data system, M. L. Allison and S. M. Richard

U.S. Geoscience Information Network (GIN) and convergence towards global data integration in the geosciences, M. L. Allison, S. M. Richard, L.C. Gundersen (USGS), I. Jackson (British Geologic Survey), and J. Hubbard (Energetics, Inc.)


26-27 November, Paris, France


AZGS Director Lee Allison participated in international meeting of OneGeology-Europe. Dr. Allison's travel expenses were provided by OneGeology-Europe.


Perspectives from the U.S. on Data Interoperability, M. Lee Allison

Geothermal Expo

24-27 October, Sacramento, CA


AZGS staffed an exhibit booth on behalf of Association of American State Geologists spotlighting State Geothermal Data.

Arizona Hydrological Society Annual Symposium

1-4 September, Tucson, AZ


Digital data integration of uranium resources of northern Arizona, M. L. Allison, J. E. Spencer, J. Young and S. Richard

The Grand Canyon breccia‐pipe uranium province, northwestern Arizona, Jon Spencer

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