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Summer/Fall 2011 News

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Michael Conway


The STATEMAP program is a component of the National Geologic Mapping Act of 1992. STATEMAP is a matching fund program whereby State general funds are matched one-to-one by federal funds to support geologic mapping by the states. Arizona received $221,853 from the USGS for geologic mapping, to be matched by $222,387 in State funds. Seven 7.5’ Quadrangles will be mapped with these funds during the 2011-2012 mapping season. These Quadrangles are located (1) north of Alamo Lake in western Arizona in an area of abundant manganese mineralization, (2) in the Prescott area where housing development and rapid population growth are associated with several environmental geology issues (water supply, water quality, seismicity), and (3) in the Safford area where new mining, ground-water use, and Quaternary faulting have raised several significant environmental geology issues.

AZGS Sunset Review

From Director Lee Allison’s blog of 24 August 2011, “The statutory authorization for the Arizona Geological Survey ends June 30, 2012. The Arizona Legislature is beginning a Sunset Review of AZGS to determine if the agency should be continued, revised, consolidated, or terminated at that time. This is standard procedure for all state agencies, commissions, and boards.”

Senator John Nelson and Representative Kate Brophy McGee co-chair the committee reviewing AZGS goals, objectives, and accomplishments. Formal legislative review is scheduled for 17 October 2011 and will be open to the public.

AZGS Annual Report

The 86-page FY 2011 Annual Report was released in August 2011. For a comprehensive look at AZGS 2011 accomplishments, events, publications, and more, you can download the report from the AZGS Document Repository; Annual Report FY 2011.

AZGS enters the E-book Market

In July 2011, we published our first Kindle e-book, A Guide to the Geology of Catalina State Park and the Western Santa Catalina Mountains, by John Bezy. Originally published in 2002, this marks our first foray into the electronic book market. The e-book sells for $1.99 from the Kindle Store at

Arizona Dept. of Mines and Mineral Resources (ADMMR) Consolidates with AZGS

On 20 July 2011, ADMMR legally consolidated with AZGS. AZGS is now charged by the legislature with digitizing the extensive mining and mineral resource records of the former agency. ADMMR staff have been employed by AZGS since January 2011, so the final merger was seamless.

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