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AZGS 2012 Publications

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Michael Conway


24 Authors/Co-Authors, 67 geologic products & 1000s of downloads

2012 was a banner year for AZGS publications. We published 47 reports and 20 geologic maps, for a total of 67 publications in six different publication series (Table 1). This represents a 45% increase over 2011 (46 publications), our second-most productive year since we first began publishing maps and reports in 1915.  

Among the 2012 publications were a number of mining and mining photo collection inventories compiled by AZGS Digital Librarian Casey Brown (e.g., Grover Heinrichs mining collection inventory). This marks the first stage in digitizing and broadcasting mine collections of the former Arizona Dept. of Mines and Mineral Resources, which includes: 23 special collections containing approximately 13,500 folders, with 836,553 pages of records; 6 Photo Collections containing approximately 7,400 images; 1 theses collection with 371 manuscripts; and a map collection comprising approximately 10,000 maps.

For a full listing of 2012 publications, see the New Publications listing that accompanies the Arizona Geology Magazine. Some particularly noteworthy publications involved:

  • Geologic mapping of Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument (3 map sheets)
  • Geologic mapping of Yuma and Prescott and environs
  • Geologic evaluation of the Safford, Tucson and Willcox basins for carbon dioxide sequestration
  • Earthcube governance framework
  • Geologic fieldguide to Picacho Peak and environs
  • State geologic survey contributions to the National Geothermal Data System
  • Southwest wildfire hydrology & hazard workshop proceedings
  • Exhumation of the Pirate Fault, Santa Catalina Mountains
  • Avulsion potential on active alluvial fans of central and western Arizona
  • AZGS mining records digitizing project
  • Arizona is Earthquake Country (Down-to-Earth series)

All geologic maps and reports published in 2012 are available 24/7 at the Arizona Geologic Survey’s online Document Repository. Around-the-clock accessibility has greatly enhanced dissemination of AZGS reports and map products as shown in the Total Reads column of Table 1.  

 Table 1.  AZGS Publication Series Count for Calendar Year 2012

AZGS Series *Total Reads
41 Open-File Reports1          19,331
3 Contributed  Maps  – (8 map sheets)  829
5 Contributed Reports  5,115
12 Digital Geologic Maps 6,098
5 Digital Maps        939^
1 Down-to-Earth (Arizona is Earthquake Country)     1,651
Total Reads of 2012 AZGS maps and reports 33,963


1The most heavily accessed OFR was the Southwest Wildfire Hydrology and Hazard Workshop Proceedings, which comprises the proceedings and digital reproductions of all 32 presentations.  With 1816 reads, Brian Gootee’s  A summary of salinities in Arizona’s deep groundwater was a close second. *Reads refers to the number of times that a document node, say the repository node for Arizona is Earthquake Country, was accessed at the AZGS Document Repository. ^With one exception digital maps were released in the final week of December 2012.

Sixteen AZGS geoscientists were joined by eight non-AZGS affiliated individuals in authoring or co-authoring one or more of the 67 published geologic products in 2012 (Table 2).

Table 2.  Authors and Co-Authors of AZGS 2012 Publications                       

AZGS Affiliated Other Affiliations
M.L. Allison  R.M. Ford
C. Brown J.E. Fuller (Fuller & Associates)
M. Conway D.T. Hoxie (US Geological Survey, retired)
J. Cook J.W. Martz (Petrified Forest National Park)
C. Ferguson W.G. Parker (Petrified Forest National Park)
B. Gootee M. Pecha (University of Arizona)
B. Johnson J.J. Raucci (Daniel B. Stephens & Associates)
D.S. Love L. Skinner (Northern Arizona University)
M.K. Mahan  
K. Patten  
P.A. Pearthree  
S. Rauzi  
S.M. Richard  
J.E. Spencer  
A. Youberg  
J.J. Young  


Chief, Geologic Extension Service
AZ Geological Survey

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