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Earthquakes in Arizona

Article Author(s): 

John S. Sumner

Original Publication Date: 
Mar 1976

Arizona's Historic Earthquakes  -  The southwestern part of this state is not far from the San Andreas fault system, and indeed some related fault structures must now underlie this region. Yuma has felt tremors on several occasions from disturbances…


Special Note:

On this, the 125th Anniversary of the Arizona Geological Survey (AZGS), we are celebrating the work of hundreds of geoscientists who struggled to understand and reconstruct Arizona’s geologic past. As part of that celebration, we are dedicating this issue of Arizona Geology to a retrospective display of articles published since the onset of our first formal publication serial, the Bulletin, in 1915. Because Arizona Geology is a vehicle for non-technical articles for a general audience, we largely focused on materials published over the past 42 years as part of our FieldNotes-Arizona Geology newsletter series.

For more information, read: Arizona Geology e-Magazine Spring 2013 – 125th Anniversary Retrospective