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Display Date: Sep 16, 2013
Granery, indigenous, ruins, Redwall Limestone
Display Date: Sep 15, 2013
wash, downcutting, drought, headward erosion
Display Date: Sep 14, 2013
Pirate fault, Oro Valley, basaltic dike, igneous, faulting
Display Date: Sep 13, 2013
Turkey Creek caldera, ignimbrite, volcanic tuff, Cochise Head, rhyolite
Display Date: Sep 12, 2013
flame structure, convolute bedding
Display Date: Sep 11, 2013
Colorado River, limestone
Display Date: Sep 10, 2013
fault, Laramide Orogeny, The Butte Fault in Grand Canyon
Display Date: Sep 9, 2013
historic mine image, copper mineralization, USGS
Display Date: Sep 8, 2013
Santa Catalina Mountains forerange ptygmatic folds in the pegmatitic gneiss
Display Date: Sep 7, 2013
Grand Canyon, Havasupai, Colorado River, Colorado Plateau
Display Date: Sep 6, 2013
Iron Door Mine located on a vein of barite and manganese oxides
Display Date: Sep 5, 2013
Toroweap Point, Lava Falls Rapid, Grand Canyon, Colorado River
Display Date: Sep 4, 2013
Haul trucks and shovel at Morenci Mine
Display Date: Sep 3, 2013
Vermillion Cliffs, Mesozoic age rocks, sedimentary rocks
Display Date: Sep 2, 2013
Milpitas Wash, California, Pliocene Bouse Formation
Display Date: Sep 1, 2013
pothole, Supai Formation, northern Arizona, Paleozoic
Display Date: Aug 31, 2013
Proterozoic Del Rio Quartzite Conglomerate beds
Display Date: Aug 30, 2013
Paria Riffle