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Geologic snapshots capturing Arizona’s geologic setting and mining history with a picture of the day from 1 January through 31 December 2013.

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013
Monument Valley, northern Arizona

Happy Holidays 2013 - Monument Valley's Mitten Butte, Photo by Wayne Ranney

On 31 December 2013, AZGS closes out its 125-anniversary year. Sharing GeoSNAPS with our homepage and Facebook followers made for a daily opportunity to revisit and review some of Arizona’s spectacular geology. We sincerely thank all of you who followed GeoSNAPS, viewed and liked its images, and commented and shared your ideas.

We thank, too, our photo contributors, who stuck with us through thick and thin, generously sharing their images and knowledge – sometimes at a harried moment’s notice - of the remarkable geologic setting that is Arizona.

Our contributors:

External Contributors: Wayne Ranney, Ted Grussing, Bob Kamilli, Alison Jones, David Briggs, Kory Kirchner, Jessica Rudd, Paul Lindberg, Keenan Murray, Robert Pape, and the USGS Photographic Library.

AZGS Contributors:  Joe Cook, Jon Spencer, Esty Pape, Brian Gootee, Janel Day, Lee Allison, Ann Youberg, Nyal Niemuth, Diane Bain, Steve Rauzi, Phil Pearthree, Mike Mahan, Charles Ferguson, Brad Johnson, Casey Brown, Jeri Young, Diane Love, and Michael Conway.

Thanks, too, to Pam Barry-Santos for designing GeoSNAPS and for loading 100s of images.

Last, GeoSNAPS has become a favorite of our Facebook followers and rather than retire it, we’ll carry forward in 2014 with weekly or twice-weekly submittals. For a compilation of 2013 GeoSNAPS, visit

Happy Holidays

Mike Conway, Tucson, 25 December 2013